Hello. My name is Liz Hervatic, the artist known as Jacuv. I am a healer and an artist. I work with children and adults struggling with rage, anxiety, depression, focus, loss, and addiction. 

To best understand what I do and the role of the artworks and blankets, I’ll give a specific example. A child is raging 4-5 times a day and it is unclear why. The parents have taken the child to behavioral psychologists, psychiatrists, and nutritionists. These treatments have helped, however, the child continues to suffer and so do the parent(s).

In the assessment session, I do a diagnostic drawing to determine the sources of the rage and where these rage energies are stored in the child’s body. These sources may be suppressed trauma, past lifetime trauma, ancestral trauma, family trauma, and/or foreign energies. Then I perform a healing using one of the blankets and the child may draw and/or journey into one of the artworks. This healing gives us a baseline for the child. Together, we define metrics so the child and parent(s) can track the child’s behavior. I ask the child to sleep with one of the art blankets, which continues the healing process. Typically after the first session, parents see a drastic reduction in the raging. 

I continue to meet with the child and parents every week for a few weeks to understand how the child’s day-to-day challenges are affecting the child. Together we learn more about the child’s sensitives and gifts and create tools to support the child’s development. The child learns how to slow down and connect with her/his body, to draw her/his emotions and pain, to track how she/he is feeling on a scale from 1 -10 (10 being raging), and to communicate when she/he needs help. Together we create a shared language and understanding of the child’s experience. 

I’ve discovered that to heal a person’s trauma, we must heal an injury from the human cells to the soul to the ancestral lines and past lifetimes.


My life’s work is healing communications. As a child, I did not understand why people raged and argued. Why couldn’t there be unconditional love and compassion? Why couldn’t people hear and understand each other? There were breakdowns in the communications and I wanted to understand why.

Throughout my life, I’ve studied the complexities of human behavior and communications. I learned how suffering is created, how that suffering affects our health and those around us. I went beyond the severe mental and physical pain to the core issue — unhealed trauma, and how these traumas are passed down from generation to generation. 

In the first 23 years of my career, I worked in the corporate world. My journey took me from designing innovative communication technologies to traveling the world teaching enterprises how to integrate technologies to improve operational efficiency and outcomes. Then I worked with health care systems to create patient-centric operations that improve quality outcomes while reducing patient care cycle, costs, and errors. I learned that we could build the most reliable network infrastructures, applications, and processes, but communications still broke down. I still hadn’t answered my childhood questions. So I went deeper. 

In July of 2011, I left the corporate world to continue my work – how to heal human trauma. In particular, I studied how early adverse childhood experiences contribute to physical and mental health issues when left unprocessed. 

In 2012, I created Jacuv an “alternative medicine” practice partnering with mental health professionals to help sensitive individuals (children, their parents, and adults) heal from trauma.


Alternative Medical Studies (Shamanism):  Focus on Childhood Trauma (2008 – 2017)
UCLA Anderson School of Management:  Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2003-2005)
North Carolina State University:  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (1984 – 1989)


I live in Santa Monica with my wife and rescue dogs.